Lavender Issac

Name: Lavender Dequila Issac

A.N.A: Lavy, Aven,

Born: August 2 2000

Blood: Muggle-Born

House: Gryffindor

Species: Human

Half Werewolf (No Werewolf change)

Half a Quarter Metamorphus

Family: Livina Issac nee Birch (Mother)

Virnindga Mabelxes (Grandmother)

Jaken Issac (Father)

Long-Line of Muggles

Pets: Florence: Hippogriff

Screechy (Pygmy Owl)

Pig (Pygmy Puff)

Qumbina (Pygmy Bunny)

Patronus: Hippogriff

Animagus: Wants to be a Hippogriff

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